Healing In Nature

Healing In Nature
There Is A Season For Everything

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Earth Has Renewed Itself With Flowers and New Green Leaves

It is so good to feel the sunshine again.

     One of my favorite gardens I have been working in is the Fairy Garden.  I have many things that I bring out of the potting shed, and there are two very big plastic bins in the lath house full of the glass plates I line the paths with and all the do - dads I store over the winter.  The above photo shows one of the many fairy statues I take out of storage and put in place for another year of whimsy and fun.  It takes me a couple weeks to weed and put in order all the things that make the Fairy garden one of my favorites to sit in.  Everyone should have a spot to let the child out in you.  Joy seeps out as the gentle songs of the birds rejoice their Creators beauty.  I want to sing out myself because I am so happy.  The wind has been pretty strong this past week and what a welcome to have it skip around my head cooling my already sun burnt cheeks.

The chickens are out and about finding all sorts of wiggly worms, bugs, and sometimes my prize flowers I just set into the gardens. I scolded them plenty when they scratched out the blue lobelia.  The fresh loose ground excites them and they eagerly look for that new spring worm that ventured out as I worked up the soil and mulched with two year old leaves from fall. It is almost like dirt now.  The city truckers bring me about 5 truck loads in Sept. and I leave them sit for a couple years until they are perfect for keeping my soil loose cool and moist.

New Tree Peonies
Each time I walk the paths of all my gardens I find another surprise.  Above; Pink Tree Peonies planted last fall.  With this 92 degree weather we are having in Wisconsin everything will almost burst open in days.  We had such a late spring (two weeks) but now Summer is not going to let it be outdone in its spectacular display as June slips into July.  I try to take pictures as soon as I see a new shoot.

This Batik Iris stole the show this morning.       When my eyes first gazed upon the lovely blue it took my breath away!

Sweet woodruff mingled inbetweeh hostas and other shade plants.
Dick my husband, made the two divider screens made out of metal.

Blue Forget-me-Nots  are amazing the way they compliment shade plants

I like to use whimsy in my gardens in surprised spots.  Here is a gift I received and I think it adds so much to this large pot of shade plants. Makes me smile each time I turn the corner and gaze upon it.
Just bought this birdhouse at a flea market.  A wren is already building a nest.

Medium size Iris reminds me of cream sickles

Three birdhouses accent this shady spot that was recently mulched, bringing out the colors of the Heuchera (Coral Bells)
Rock Garden next to the house going up hill.  Use many shade plants in this area.
The .trees just getting their spring dressings of leaves leave enough sun
to filter through  giving perennials the light they need to flower.

     Early June brings the Iris into bloom which is my favorite flower at this time.

The above Iris are called bearded Iris and this one has the name of Infinite Grace.
There are many colors, shapes and sizes to choose from.  Schreiner's Nursery, Cooley's Nursery are two
of my favorite places to look, ponder, and finely choose one or two to order.  White Flower Farm also has a
nice assortment.  Just type in the names in your search engine and you will find the web pages for them.

Peonies, Early Daises, and Iris mix nicely in my Natural Country gardens.

Pink Poppies in partial shade do fine

Red Poppies with Daises in full sun are happy there too.

Yesterday I had the Green Thumb Garden Club come for a look around in my gardens.  They wanted to see the iris in bloom but also got a tour of the whole place.  As you can see in  the blog this time there are so many different colors, and types of plants.  They all somehow work together to make my world beautiful.  Mixing all these colors in your living room might clash but somehow out in nature they blend. God does not make mistakes with our surroundings.  He does not make mistakes with us either.  No matter how many blemishes we have with our mistakes in life we are still beautiful to Him and He loves us just as I love each and every flower in my little world.  In one of the pictures above, an iris has been mared with holes from bugs but as a group it is still a beautiful picture.  Likewise with all humanity wrong makes holes in our lives but we are still precious to our Great Creator. I want to Love Like God Does. 

Blessings to you all!


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