Healing In Nature

Healing In Nature
There Is A Season For Everything

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Wisconsin's Swings To Spring Time

Spring brings Orioles back
They come to our jelly 
feeders throughout the day.

Leaves are back on the trees, framing the lovely sunrise this week.
Spring songs fill the emptyness of winter.  Song birds lilt the air, singing to their partner or trying to find a partner.

The colors flash as they fly to the feeders.  Sunflower seeds  for the Cardnals, Thistle seeds for the now yellowfinches and the blue Indigo Buntings.

Indego Bunting at Thistle feeder

     Red Crabapple trees are in full bloom.  Some are along the path to the barn that runs along the side of our Chicken's Antique Coop.
     The tulip shaped flower containers are now back in place.  They await one more week before Wisconsin is free of frost warnings.
     We have Moraine Garden Nursery do up our hanging baskets.  We bought them there and now they fill the same decorative baskets each spring with flowers to be picked up after after June 1st.
Tulip pottery planters line the path down to the horse barn.  To the left of the
picture are the lower gardens.  Picture taken from my gulf cart I ride around
our land in.  My gulf cart holds all my tools and a basket of other things
like my fertilizer, rose gloves that come up to my elbow to protect
me while I weed around all those thorns the rose carries on stems.

Our Pecock has his feathers back.  He looses them in fall and come spring
He is like the rest of the birds around here, looking for love.  But
his mate died last summer so he is alone for now, until we find
him a partner.

YellowTulips were stunning this spring.  We had many days of warm sun and higher tempetures than normal.  I also fertilized all the garden beds giving them the boost they needed.

Always look for the middle number higher than the other two for flowers on the fertilizer package.
     This tulip is a double with the splashers of red on its petals.  I love trying out new bulbs.  Here in Wisconsin we do not have the right weather to have perennial blooms.  There are some hardy ones, but I find many of my old bulbs I planted years ago have disapeared.  Also have to deal with deer loving the leaves.

This tulip looks like someone splashed a little paint on it.

Iris have begun to show up, first are the mini size.

These Iris are mini size, next come the medium size and last is the Tall bearded Iris latter in June.

When purchasing the Iris they come in the form of a long root or corm I think they call it.  If ordering from a nursery catalouge you will get them late summer.  This particulare Iris is called Peppy Long Stockings.  I love that name and think it is why it is the only Iris out of many, that I remember it's name.  All my plants were labeled, but with the chickens free ranging they will peck them out of the ground, or Wisconsin winters will cause them to lift out of the ground.
I love the peach color in this Iris

Columbine demand attention with their lovely figure and shape.

 "I leave you with this quote I no longer know who the author is:
Be Fearless In The Pursuit of What Sets Your Soul On Fire."

Blessings to you all!        

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Wisconsin Winter Still Holding Strong

March Storms Coming In Like A Lion,
Going Out Like A Lamb. 

After one week of 40-50 degrees weather at the end of February we Wisconites were not fooled.
     March 1 held us in a grip of high winds, heavy snow, and some sleet.  It was endless, so it seemed.  All day it was so fierce even the birds didn't come to the feeders.  Nightfall did not give us any relief.  We went to bed and pulled up the blankets around our chins and listened to the wind howl.
But with all things they do eventually come to an end.  Morning sunrise led us to beautiful views of  winters designs on nature.  Going from window to window I constantly clicked the camera.  The giant blue Colorado Spruce behind our home on the hill we had planted 30 years ago were a sight to see!

Morning Doves were lined up waiting for the feeders to clear.  Hundreds of
birds were flying in and out trying to get their share from our many feeders.

Memories of the snow pileling up the day before were now something beautiful.  The fear of being snowed in for a day or two was now gone.      The week before the warm high temperatures melted all the snow.  What we saw was a dreary world of browns and grays.  This bright and new day erased that memory.

The hill behind us was so beautiful!  Trees and bushes coated with an icing
of many inches of snow.
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My gardens held a whole new enchanting, view.
The statue water fountain was almost buried.  Rocks were covered in the Rock garden making it look mysterious.

Oh I love Wisconsin Winters!

Benches were covered, bird feeders were hiding their wares of seeds.  The
sun did its own art designs with the shadow of the trees.   The snow twinkled
like diamonds bringing a big smile to my lips.

 The day before view of the lower gardens could hardly be seen.  The snow carried in the high fast winds made my camera refuse to take a picture until I put it in the automatic sports setting which worked around the speed of snow flying and finely snapped clear pictures.  This picture you can barely see Dick in a red jacket going down to check horses and chickens being held captives in the closed up barn and coop.  He fed and gave them fresh water for the night.  When you have animals there is no skipping chores but an obligation to make them comfortable and clean besides feeding them.

This view is the top of area in the upper gardens.  Part of the deck in front
is a gate made from a baby's antique metal bed protecting grand kids from
falling down the steep edge of the Rock Garden next to our home.  A
heated birdbath offers fresh water at all times in the winter.
In back view of picture shows black spruce in the third
upper garden.  There are three large gardens in the upper area
of hill.  They are planted with many shrubs and trees for nature.

Birds seem to know their place in line.  There are very few squabbles among them.
Chickadees, finches, Jays, Cardinals are always present.   Nuthatches and woodpeckers
are less often.  I see them more on the suit we provide in the metal baskets under large feeder.
In above pictures it shows the big flocks come, probably because they did not feed all day in the storm.

You can see the black decorative metal horse above the arbor showing it is pointed North East.  Then we know we are in for a big storm.  The birds seem to sense this and will be at the feeders early and in flocks.  The next day they will also come in flocks after the storm has receded .
We only feed sunflowers and  thistle.  The finches and even Chickadees will hang as a group on the thistle feeder, the larger birds like Cardinals, Jays, usually share with some birds.  Like the Mourning Doves will be seen with all different birds.  We have learnt over the years that using only Sunflower seeds in the big feeder keep the starlings away.  The Junco birds are usually in flocks and are ground feeders.  Cardinals will also eat things that fell to the ground.  There are always waisted seeds that the squirrels will clean up.

I feel so Blessed to have all this nature in my 
midst.  I love the 4 seasons we have 
here in Wisconsin.

 Enjoying and loving
living in 


Tell me a little of what is going on in your world you live in.
I would love to hear from you all.


Saturday, December 31, 2016

Living My Day Each Minute As It Unfolds....

Enjoying Life
Busy With The Moment
Lets catch up 

Fall has eliminated gardening with flowers, picking bouquets, sweaty brows as weeding progresses.
It has brought a different joy into my life as September advanced into December leaving me dazed as how in the world did that happen so fast.
     Many of my days are spent in the house in the cool days of December, My home has many, many large windows letting me enjoy nature from the rooms with a view.  I take a lot of pictures now with the telescope lens, catchin sightings of nature like the squirell sitting under a feeder, eating the left overs from the birds.  There is a guard on this particulare feeder that Dick put up in front of my computer room so only the birds can enjoy it.  We leave the squirells have their choice of the other feeders we have in a different areas.

This is the feeder outside my computer window.  The view is
pretty dreary.  Trees are almost bare, but there is still some
green grass and a few shrubs hanging onto their leaves.  The
pillers with cement statues of horses frame the steps.
 Dick built  the steps leaing down to the lower gardens,
horse barn, chicken coop and the peacock's large pen.  It also
leads to the entrance of the Oak and Hickory tree woods that
cuddle a lovely Babbeling Brook, that sings it song while it
ripples around the many stones it holds captive.

We had a lot of rain this past summer so the Brook is quite full and singing a loud song not like other summers end where it would almost be dried up and just trickeling through.

Dick sitting on one of the two chairs we have facing the Babbeling Brook.
So peaceful a setting!
Looking up into the canopy above the huge Oak.

December 2016

Winter has set in,  getting at least one snow fall a week.  One week we got 10 inches covering everything.  It was so peaceful, so beautiful.  I love winter because of this very thing.  Schedules are canseled because roads are bad, but eventually they are plowed out.  We are on a back road and are last on their list to get cleared.   During the time between we we are free of traffic.  Time to grab a good book,  sit in front of the big windows, glancing out inbetween watching the many birds flying to the feeders regardless of the blowing and heavy snow coming down.

This is the deer that has a crippled front right leg.  She holds it
back against her chest, and when she walks will lean the elbow
part of the leg on the ground hobbeling with a deep limp.  She
somehow gets around pretty good regardless.  Dick puts out
two slices of hay for her.  But she mostly eats on the wild
things around here.  We see her off and on hobbleing
on the hill behind our home.

Cardinal sitting on top of shepherd hook which holds small feeder.
Squirrel guard is the round metal under the feeder.  
This small feeder is the only one with a squirrel guard on it, giving the birds a place of peace.  The other feeders are on the side of the house which the squirrels can find sunflowers.  There is also a thistle feeder hanging on a shepherd hook.

Heated birdbath is steaming from the fridged tempetures.  Large feeder is behind it and filled for the squirrels and birds.

This Downy Woodpecker was swinging in the storm eating the suet in the
small wire cage.  

Garden bench Dick used his metal art work on hold the 10 inches of snowfall we got in the last storm.

More feeders that the birds and squirrels use.  Thistle is hanging from
the shepherd's hook on far right of picture.

Doves and finches sharing time at the large feeder in the snow storm.

Fresh snow fall in lower area holding the Chicken coop.   Horse statues on cement pillers
frame the wood steps Dick built several years ago.  Leads to horse barn and Chicken coop.
Three apple trees in back of coop and the other small trees are Crabapple along the path down
to barn.

Snow fall that coated the giant Spruce in background.  We planted them 30 years ago.  This area was then just a bare farm field on the hill and surrounding acres.

Nature makes me feel so close to God our Creator.  He delights in us all.  So patient to wait for us to turn to him in Praise for all his surprises, and answers to our prayers.  Dick made me the I Believe sign with his metal art.

Sending you Blessing

May your new year 
bring you peace and joy!


Sunday, July 24, 2016

The 90 Degree Heat And Humidity Is On, Lilies Bursting In Beauty

Trumpet Lilies are my favorite lily.  The sent is outstanding.
The colors on the inside and outside are exquisite. 

Orange Trumpet Lilies are Giants compared to the yellow Trumpet Lily in background.  Their beauty almost shouts its heavenly message Rejoice and Be Glad !

The Yellow Trumpet Lily sings its own song July is for Joy, Joy in all creation. 

The Lily is the King of the gardens.  It stops me in my tracks, visitors oh and ah over them as they discover their beauty when touring the gardens.  I want to keep them blooming all seasons, but of course they have their time and place as we all do.  This yellow one is so pretty on the outside with the stripes.

The pink lily has outdone itself this year.  With a little fertilizer that has the high number in the middle for flowers I put on the gardens this spring, the heat and plenty of thunder storms with a bountiful supply of rain.  It has held it bloom almost the whole month of July.  The deep magenta color of the phlox partners up nicely with the lily.  Instead of demanding attention it compliments many of the other flowers of the garden.  You can see the yellow day-lily in the back also adds to the a-ha to the setting.  

The lovely yellow day-lily with the soft yellow white stripe and ruffled petals
 has a little darker throat.
            All so sure of itself it doesn't have to shout out it's song, merely  hums it.
A compliment to the center Asiatic lily creamy peach  with edges having a touch darker shade.

     There are many different kinds of day lilies.  This one is a Spider day lily with a deep throat of yellow reaching up towards the top of the rosy petals.

     There are some day lilies with a thick petal adding a white stripe and very ruffled like the peach colored day lily with a greenish accent to the yellow throat in the below picture.

These giant golden orange have multiple shades of color and contrasting with the
Rudbeckia daises you can see how huge they are.  I  always have to stake them
because the large clusters are very heavy.

Above day-lilies have a fun combination of yellow and Orange-red petals with the
yellow stripe and every other petal all yellow.  It has a fun name too but no longer know it.

This day-lily is stunning even being smaller with the deep wine color and pink stripe.  
The throat looks almost like someone 
turned on a light!  Love the gorgeous  shading of color on its petals and pink stripe. 

The deep wine, reds, and red-oranges really stand out in the garden and I
usually put a lot of light colors around it to accent it's grandeur.

Asiatic Hybrid Lily  hang down making it  hard to get its picture

Novelty  Lily  star shaped.
Small White day-lily with the red wine color accenting the green throat
       Again a White Day-Lily with halo of lite purple outlining the yellow green throat. 
Red cluster of Day-lilies certainly catch your eye in the gardens.

The Day-lilies' flowers only last one day but cluster with many buds on plants to continue their display.
The Asiatic Lilies come from bulbs, the daylily comes from a plant.  Most times the 
Asiatic Lily is planted in fall, but I often see a balb in spring and plant it then.  The
daylily can be planted anytime but spring and fall is easier on them because of 
the heat in mid summer.  

The yellow and white daylily with yellow stripe is a double with thinner petals.  You may 
see the old fashioned orange daylily double too, but most times the day-lily is in single form. 


My gardens are planted very close together.  That is  just the way I do things.  Others might have eight inches of soil  showing around each plant.  I do not follow anyone's rules about what to do, just do my thing.  It is only wrong in
someone else opinion.  I have had my gardens in Garden Walks which are about 5-6 different owned gardens open for a fee for charity.  I have had my own tours open on Saturdays.  At this time I am open to anyone going through if they call before, or friends come anytime and we stroll through the gardens while we talk and catch up on news.  Gardens are to be enjoyed in any way you want.  I use to be in Master Gardner's for 26 years and followed rules.  Then in retiring I decided some rules are made to be broken and do as you please.  :)  Just enjoy life, use your gardens in any way you want. 

 Just Enjoying Life

Thanking My Great Creator

For All The Beauty

That Surrounds Me

I Thank My Creator.

Tomorrow Brings Us August

One Month Left.