Healing In Nature

Healing In Nature
There Is A Season For Everything

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Blessings of God, Abundance of Rain and Sun, Cause The Best June Ever !

Pink Double Peonies  After A Day Of Rain
Capella Flower Holding Rain Drops
Here in Wisconsin it rained two or three times a week.  My gardens have never produced   so abundantly in the past 30 years.    All of June was very warm.  In the beginning it was close to 90 degrees.  The last couple weeks held pretty close to the 70 degrees.
In May I had bought 8 bags of Bloom Food 12-24-12 Slow Release Plant Food at Menard's store and sprinkled it on all the flower gardens I have.  (about 2 acres of flowers)  It was well worth the investment!  The blooms were twice the size compared to other years.

Our creek down in the woods was always up to flood level.  

June brought lots of sun in between the deluge of rain.  Here is a picture after I let the chickens out  They are eating their treat of sun flower seeds.
Now released of the confinement of their coop can run free range all over the area of gardens and near our hoome   We also freed up the two Silkie-Cochin roosters to mingle amongst the larger hens.  They are so funny chasing those big hens all over the place and never catching them!  The abundance of feathers on their feet really slow them down.

This rooster is Silkie-Cochion mix.  

This rooster is also a mix of Silkie and Cochion  and brother to the black one. 

The gardens are twice the size in fullness than most years.  I can hardly walk through them.  Picture is the birdhouse garden.

Taking  many walks feels so good after the long cold winter.  June has now flown by so fast.  
     Here Dick is walking our Airedale Luke.  Luke is seven years old and just as perky as he was when he was a puppy.  A nice long walk is a must for Luke to wear off some of that robust life he leads. 
      I often walk along with them but also go out at day break to enjoy the gardens and out back land.  We have paths all over the twenty-seven acres we own.  I carry my camera as a hunter of photos looking for surprises.

This photo I took from a window inside the house .  There are three hens that come up to the house to look for bugs, grubs and what ever else they can find. Here they are on our deck and once I produced the pictures I discovered the hen in background watching the hen sip rain water from the angel container.  They have a nice clean birdbath on a stump available but they have to try this spot.

 The deck is above this rock garden on the hill .  Hostas are twice the size and are so high from all the rain and sunshine.  It is quite shady in this area from trees I planted 30 years ago when we developed this area. 

Top of rock garden looking down at front of house shows the birdbath.  Looking down, bench Dick made sits near the front garden at lower level.  In the picture hostas are blooming and Capenella blooms blue and white.  The Capenella reseeds itself and wonders all over the place.  I let it have its way and then before it drops too many seeds I clip them off the plant and spread them into other areas of our land .  You can see how huge the host leaves are in the picture.  
Thirty years ago this area was nothing but a corn field when we bought the land.  We had an excavator haul up the huge rocks and place them on the hill.  Dick and I placed the smaller ones.  They came from stone fences running through our land.  We placed trees amongst the rocks before planting.  In the beginning it was all sun and after the trees grew tall during the thirty years, it is now shady.   

Stella De Ora daylilies are starting to bloom where Peonies use to prevail.  

Clematis has hundreds of flowers blooming on this trellis.
Dick made this metal art.  The antique weather vain he placed on top. The
gate opens to the Birdhouse garden. 

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Picture is Sun Rise when I often slip out of the house early morning at 5:00 a.m. to go exploring and picture taking.  This picture taken down by the Bless arbor and outhouse that has been turned into a tool shed.
      Deciding to take the path out back that morning I came upon the deer.

The early morning brought the surprise of seeing this deer just watching me.
I have my camera set on the automatic sports which catches fast movement.
The doe just stood there for a bit, and then ran up our hill  which is the fallowing picture.
The doe high-tailing up the hill 
Skirting along the edge of the soybean field we let a local farmer use, I decided to head back towards the house.  You can see the outback woods behind the field.  We have a pond called a scrape for wildlife back there.

One of the many paths I walk on.  You can see the shadow of where I stood to
take a picture out back.  I decided I had enough adventure for the morning
and headed down the path back to the domesticated scenery closer to our home.
Heading back into the gardens the newly opened Clematis caught my attention.

Saw a few more flowers that needed  pictures taken like the pale violet Clematid with the pink stripe and ruffled center.

And before we close up for the month of June
this is my very first lily that opened. 

Blessings going your way from my way.

love to you all


Monday, June 12, 2017

June brings Poppies, Peonies, and Hot Weather

My Bless arch over a metal gate which is open and not showing .  It was
Sunrise this morning.  I went out early because it has been in the 90 degrees
here in Wisconsin yesterday and today and most of the rest of this week.
I wanted to get some pictures taken before it got too hot to breath for me.
The arch opens into the back of the fairy garden which had a Perennial
garden in front of it.  In back of the small Perennial garden is a
Wild flower area we planted last summer.   There also is
a 15 inch bed that runs along the one side that I
planted Zinnias and Cosmos.  Dick put in
three tomato plants and made wood
supports for them.
Peonies are the big ahaaaaa attraction in June. 
Group of Tree Peonies I bought a few summers ago from
a dealer in Upper Michigan.  The owner's father
hybridized them from a tree peonies and
regular peonies getting the best
of both kinds in one
White single peonies bought from the same Michigan Dealer.  It is a hybrid
developed by combining a tree peonies and a regular  peonies.  
Single dark Pink Peonies


Dark pink Poppies are perennials
     I started from seed years ago.  They are gorgeous and steal the show no matter how many lovely peonies surround it.  I am not sure where I purchased the seeds. I had a green house at the time and so had perfect growing conditions .

Orange Poppy was also started by seeds

The white poppy is in my Birdhouse Garden.  I started it from seed.  It is a perennial which comes up every year.

Birdhouse Garden 
Pink Poppy sometimes looks like little angels with their wings up in air.

Siberian Iris are also blooming in June.

Pale blue Siberian Iris

My favorite Iris is the tall Bearded Iris.  This one is special with its yellow ruffled top and the bottom being violet with yellow ruffled edge.

This pale beauty has several 
colors.  smoky pink top with yellow inside, bottom showing white with violet edging.
Perennials in my garden come up every year.  They are a little high maintenance because I have to pick off the spent blossoms like the one above in photo.  As I do walk abouts each morning I try and do this chore in the gardens.  I plant natural,  looking even wild in some parts.  Grass does sprout up in between the plants.  I am in no hurry to weed it all out but do pull out anything that is clumping.  I even add grass that is seeding out into my bouquets.  Gives it a prairie look.

Birdhouse garden's back area looking toward house. In back of picture is
a trellis and gate that Dick made with his metal art.

Birdhouse garden looking toward horse barn

The Birdhouse garden is between our horse barn and our home.  It  houses numerous birdhouses of course that wrens take advantage of, choosing different one each time they raise a batch of little ones.  I love their song as I work in this area.  It is really a warning but oh so sweet and tender the sound.  
Being a garden for birds, there are grasses, weeds, besides the plants they so love to get nectar from.  Weeds and grass draw insects which draw birds.  Birds also are drawn to water.  The sound of a fountain attracts birds too, not only for drinking the water but splashing and dipping  in a splendid bath.  There are also shrubs edging the area and small trees that a bird can quick fly up to.  There are two scrub Oak trees the squirrels planted and I chose to let them grow.  A robin always has its nest in one of them.  The branches are so attractive with their gnarled bark and it holds pretty birdhouses nicely, protecting the nests from falling.  
     The birdhouse garden changes constantly as the seasons progress into late summer.  Come July I will see all types of lily's like daylilies, Ornamental lilies, and Tiger lilies, etc.  I have many, many butterflies flying here and there besides the birds.  Been seeing dragon lilies quite often too.  

Looking through a butterfly metal art you can see an abundance of peonies blooming.
It also shows the common Iris and other plants that I call fillers.  Being a natural
setting I plant very close and try to have the common flowers in between .

So another time we shall meet,
in the sweet settings of Nature
Peace setteling our souls
Always Peace.  by Kate

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Wisconsin's Swings To Spring Time

Spring brings Orioles back
They come to our jelly 
feeders throughout the day.

Leaves are back on the trees, framing the lovely sunrise this week.
Spring songs fill the emptyness of winter.  Song birds lilt the air, singing to their partner or trying to find a partner.

The colors flash as they fly to the feeders.  Sunflower seeds  for the Cardnals, Thistle seeds for the now yellowfinches and the blue Indigo Buntings.

Indego Bunting at Thistle feeder

     Red Crabapple trees are in full bloom.  Some are along the path to the barn that runs along the side of our Chicken's Antique Coop.
     The tulip shaped flower containers are now back in place.  They await one more week before Wisconsin is free of frost warnings.
     We have Moraine Garden Nursery do up our hanging baskets.  We bought them there and now they fill the same decorative baskets each spring with flowers to be picked up after after June 1st.
Tulip pottery planters line the path down to the horse barn.  To the left of the
picture are the lower gardens.  Picture taken from my gulf cart I ride around
our land in.  My gulf cart holds all my tools and a basket of other things
like my fertilizer, rose gloves that come up to my elbow to protect
me while I weed around all those thorns the rose carries on stems.

Our Pecock has his feathers back.  He looses them in fall and come spring
He is like the rest of the birds around here, looking for love.  But
his mate died last summer so he is alone for now, until we find
him a partner.

YellowTulips were stunning this spring.  We had many days of warm sun and higher tempetures than normal.  I also fertilized all the garden beds giving them the boost they needed.

Always look for the middle number higher than the other two for flowers on the fertilizer package.
     This tulip is a double with the splashers of red on its petals.  I love trying out new bulbs.  Here in Wisconsin we do not have the right weather to have perennial blooms.  There are some hardy ones, but I find many of my old bulbs I planted years ago have disapeared.  Also have to deal with deer loving the leaves.

This tulip looks like someone splashed a little paint on it.

Iris have begun to show up, first are the mini size.

These Iris are mini size, next come the medium size and last is the Tall bearded Iris latter in June.

When purchasing the Iris they come in the form of a long root or corm I think they call it.  If ordering from a nursery catalouge you will get them late summer.  This particulare Iris is called Peppy Long Stockings.  I love that name and think it is why it is the only Iris out of many, that I remember it's name.  All my plants were labeled, but with the chickens free ranging they will peck them out of the ground, or Wisconsin winters will cause them to lift out of the ground.
I love the peach color in this Iris

Columbine demand attention with their lovely figure and shape.

 "I leave you with this quote I no longer know who the author is:
Be Fearless In The Pursuit of What Sets Your Soul On Fire."

Blessings to you all!